Each year, the members of the Berkeley Hills Fire Company elect a number of Company Officers to lead both the emergency operations and administrative business functions of the Company. Below is a listing of the current positions and those who hold them.

Line Officers

Chief – Brian Murray
Deputy Chief – Ed Carlino
Assistant Chief – Chris Stickley
Truck Captain – Ryan Sweeny
Engine Captain – Dillon Coleman
Truck Lieutenant – Rob Pitt
Engine Lieutenant – Jack Morgan
Sergeant – Donnie Kunkle
Chief Emeritus – John Haschke

Administrative Officers

President – Wes Semple
Vice President – Jack Morgan
Recording Secretary – Tara Stickley
Treasurer – Curt Kelly
Financial Secretary – Lannette Reese
Director – Chris Stickley
Director – Taylor Leturgey
Director – Richie Nye
Director – Jamie Henry

Fire Police Officers

FP Captain – Lannette Reese
FP 1st Lieutenant – John Brown Sr.