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Call Information (Blue = Medical, Red = Fire)
2017-02-26 18:14:33.000000 QRS0 Q0 E-0 QRS / EMS ASSIST ALDI FOODS ROS MCKNIGHT at 7221 MCKNIGHT RD ROS
2017-02-26 18:07:13.000000 QRS0 Q0 E-0 QRS / EMS ASSIST ALDI FOODS ROS MCKNIGHT at 7221 MCKNIGHT RD ROS
2017-02-26 14:39:21.000000 QRS1 Q1 E-1 QRS / EMS ASSIST 115 MARTIN RD btwn END and VIRGINIA RD ROS
2017-02-26 14:30:24.000000 QRS1 Q1 E-1 QRS / EMS ASSIST 150 STEVENS DR #6 btwn MCKNIGHT RD and END ROS
2017-02-26 12:17:37.000000 E1 Q1 E-1 QRS / EMS ASSIST 508 KENYON AVE btwn WILLIAM ST and OAKRIDGE RD ROS

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2017 CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Class Schedule

Berkeley Hills Fire Company announces its schedule of CPR/AED and Basic First Aid classes for 2017. Classes are held at Berkeley Hills Fire Company station at 235 Siebert Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237. CPR/AED Classes start at 10:00 AM and Basic First Aid Classes, for students that require it, will start immediately after the end of the CPR/AED course.

Additional information including dates and registration information can be found on our Public Training page.

Submitted by: mmurray
December 29, 2016

Rollover Saturday

11/26 The Engine company ran 3 wrecks starting just before noon. The first was minor on Thompson run road one patient was transported and the engine cleared within the hour.

1412 The next was right up the street from the firehouse in front of Eden Christian Academy. The engine and squad arrived with one on its roof, stretched the red line, and the EMT's started patient care Paramedic Morgan assisted the victim with self extrication.

1726 The Engine is alerted for a car fire in front of AutoZone, County then advised that the car was on fire secondary to a rollover accident. The Engine company stretched the red line once again. The patient was self extricated upon arrival, and the vehicle was not on fire at any point. Patient care was initiated and cleanup started. The engine had McKnight shutdown for about 40 minutes before clearing.

Submitted by: ColemanD
November 28, 2016

First Due Truck to 259 Dwelling

11/14 0742 The overnight crew was sound asleep when the bells sounded for reports of a house on fire. The Truck immediately went en-route with 7, and the Duty Chief also responded. 259 Chief Went on-scene with a working basement fire in a 2 story single family balloon frame with possible entrapment on the second floor. 247 Truck took side alpha and 2 men forced entry to side alpha. 2 men VES'd the delta side division 2 and ended up rescuing a dog. The 3 other men laddered, vented, controlled utilities, and conducted overhaul. 259 engine had the bulk of the fire knocked rather quick. The truck the started to open the first floor to find fire in most of the walls overhaul took place for approximately 20 minutes. Great job 259 and to the second floor crew who rescued the dog!

Truck 247 crew
Driver: Captain Studebaker
Officer: Captain Stickley
Hook & Can: Bettenelli
Bar: Zarewicz
Roof: Sweeny
OVM: D.Coleman
LLF & VES: Blink

Duty Chief / Operations: Carlino

Submitted by: ColemanD
November 18, 2016

4 Boxes in 36 hours

The volunteers had a busy start to the month of November, running 4 boxes and transferring for another.
  • 11/3 0845 the volunteers received a phone call from Studio Raw on Babcock Blvd for an odor of something burning. 247 Truck responded with 5, arrived first and started the investigation. After approximately 15 minutes of searching with the crew from 248, a laundry basket was found to have smoldering rags which had been there for almost 12 hours.
  • 11/4 0304 the volunteers transferred to Station 103 while crews battled an apartment building fire.
  • 11/4 0615 The Truck took in a reported fire in the kitchen in 261's area. 247 truck arrived first with 6 and found an extinguished stove fire and smoldering cabinets.
  • 11/4 1900 247 Truck once again alerted for smoke in the residence in company 317's first due. Crews found a sock on a light bulb to be the cause.
  • 11/4 2010 Engine, Duty Chief, and Truck take in a first due box at 1100 Quail Roost for a report of the porch on fire. The Engine established their own water supply Truck to the alpha bravo corner and went to investigate, finding that the residents burnt food and extinguished it themselves on the porch.

Submitted by: ColemanD
November 18, 2016

Engine Company takes in 248 auto

November 1st 2016, The volunteers were doing the usual cleaning and other firehouse activities when company 248 was alerted to paper on fire in the rear of a vehicle. After a few minutes went by with no response from 248, we started to get on the engine and offer our assistance to them. They accepted our assistance the engine took off with 4 and left another 4 back for the ladder truck in the event of another run. The engine arrived to find a mobile paper shedding box truck with smoke from the rear. The volunteers deployed the bumper-line and went to work extinguishing a small fire in the back. After the truck was dumped then men picked up and returned within 30 minutes.

Submitted by: ColemanD
November 02, 2016

Live Ins take in West View Garage

At 0438 Saturday October 22nd the tones dropped for a reported garage fire behind 235 Martsolf ave the Truck went en-route with 5, WVPD went on scene with heavy smoke. Truck 247 arrived and split up, started opening up and throwing ladders with Truck 3. Upon gaining access through the garage door they encountered about 6 feet hoarder conditions. The men operated for close to 2 hours before returning. Thank you to the residents across the street for the coffee and donuts!

Submitted by: ColemanD
October 22, 2016

Busy Day on the hill

10/21/2016 - The morning started off with the Truck going out to McCandless for EVDT, shortly after the Engine ran an odor of gas outside on Park Place. Shortly after returning the box was dropped for "the garage and office on fire across from 1825 Teal Trace". The Engine and Truck were on scene with 8 within 2 minutes to find a fire in the walls and held it 2&2. The Engine returned to service and set off to the fire prevention day in West View. The Truck then ran an upgraded gas leak in Reserve units had a gas line struck and gas in several structures. The truck arrived and assisted with evacuation and metering. In addition to this the volunteers ran 4 medicals.

Submitted by: ColemanD
October 21, 2016

RPM Drive Crash

8/9/16: After the company meeting, the Engine Company was alerted along with EMS Station 210 and 312 Rescue 40 for a crash with injuries on Ross Park Mall Drive. Engine 247 was on the road in seconds, and arrived with Ross PD and RPM Security with two vehicles head-on, with one on the ground. The Engine Company split its crew, initiating patient care and handling containment. Medic 214-1 and Squad 217-5 arrived and packaged the patient for transport to an area trauma center. The Engine cleared shortly after.

Submitted by: mmurray
August 28, 2016

Grove Avenue Garage Fire

8/7/16: Late in the afternoon Truck 247 was alerted along with other area companies for a garage on fire on Grove Avenue in 252s district. Truck 247 with a crew of 4 arrived as the first due truck and immediately went to work throwing ground ladders, checking for extension, and opening up the roof. The Truck returned within the hour.

Crews also handled a Residential Fire Alarm, two QRS details, and a Public Service Detail throughout the day.

Submitted by: mmurray
August 28, 2016

Engine and Truck arrive first at 246 Box

At 1205 on Friday the box was struck for an odor of smoke in the building at the Ross Township Police Station. The truck arrived first with nothing evident and began investigation. The engine arrived shortly behind, secured a water supply and assumed command. The truck crew had an odor in one of the police conference rooms. Upon further investigation with crews from 251 and 297, completely tearing apart an HVAC unit, the source was finally narrowed down to a belt in the HVAC unit.

Submitted by: ColemanD
August 27, 2016

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