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Call Information (Blue = Medical, Red = Fire)
2014-08-31 22:25:17 QRS2 Q2 E-2 QRS / EMS ASSIST TOWNE NORTH TOWERS #119 at 99 CORBETT CT #119 ROS
2014-08-31 11:29:45 QRS0 Q0 E-0 QRS / EMS ASSIST MCKNIGHT RD/SIEBERT RD <0/ 0> ROS
2014-08-31 09:28:24 QRS1 Q1 E-1 QRS / EMS ASSIST 106 RENFER ST btwn NELSON RUN RD and JOHN ST ROS

Latest Stories

Highway Safety Program Class

Members of the Berkeley Hills and Evergreen Fire Companies attended the Highway Safety Program on Tuesday November 26th hosted by the Berkeley Hills Fire Company.

The program instructed by Operational Supervisor Steve Kline from the Ross West View EMS Authority reinforced the aspect of situational awareness involving roadway incidents. Roadway related injuries and fatalities continue to plague not only the emergency services fields but all roadway workers who have to deal with anything involving our nation’s highways.

The program gave each student the understanding of how we can improve our safety as well as the motorists who are unaware of our presence during these incidents.

Thank you Steve, for a very informative and educational program.

Submitted by: roofcracker88
December 03, 2013

Berkeley Hills Hosts Commercial Building Training

On October 22, 2013 the Berkeley Hills Fire Company had the rare opportunity to train fire company members in fire department responses to commercial properties. Acquired properties are not always available and liability concerns always seem to reduce the opportunities even more. The motto for the class was “Breaking the Mentality”. Far too often we are seeing firefighters responding to commercial property emergencies the same way we respond to residential emergencies. Our goal for this program was to bring to light the differences firefighters will face in commercial properties vs. residential. With the help of the proposed Northway Mall development in the coming future, the old Northway Elementary School is slated to be demolished to make way for some new construction. Deputy Chief Story who has been working for the last 4 months to get this program off the ground recently finalized all paperwork and agreements to begin the training. LRC Property Management who is heading this development has been very open and helpful throughout this entire training venture. On Tuesday night 10-22, 2013, multiple fire companies were able to partake in this training which consisted of 4 practical evolutions.

The first station instructed by Deputy Chief Story, was commercial forcible entry which allowed students to force doors and work through the lock to gain access to commercial buildings.

The second station instructed by Instructor Coleman, was commercial Outside Ventilation Practices focusing on targeted OV responsibilities and building size-up.

The third station instructed by Truck Captain Morgan, was Commercial Laddering which gave an overview of what priorities should be considered when laddering and how these differ from residential.

And the last station instructed by Truck Lieutenant Doubt, was Wall Breeching which focused on masonry breeching if the need to gain access or safe haven arises during firefighting operations.

Companies represented were Stations 191, 246, 247, 259, and 261. A total of 40 firefighters attended this training.

Berkeley Hills Fire Company would like to thank Gary O’nesti from LRC who was instrumental in bringing the training to light. Without his effort this would not have been possible. Thank You!

Submitted by: roofcracker88
October 24, 2013

West View Fire Prevention


Thanks to West View Fire Department for inviting us to their annual fire prevention day at West View Plaza.

Submitted by: Guido
October 12, 2013

Houston Fire Rescue Line of Duty Death

The Berkeley Hills Fire Company would like to extend its most hearth felt sympathies to the Houston Fire Department on the loss of four of your brothers. May the Lord accept you with open arms. Rest easy brothers.
Submitted by: roofcracker88
June 03, 2013

Duncan Avenue Structure Fire

On April 2nd around 07:45am, Truck 247 was alerted to respond to the 1600 block of Duncan Ave for a reported fire in the building. Rescue Engine 188 arrived on scene with a working fire and requested the 2nd alarm which brought in the Truck. Truck arrived on scene side alpha. Crews went to work throwing ladders, searches, and assisting the interior crew with ventilation and overhaul. Around 09:00, the Truck was ready for service.

Submitted by: mmurray
April 06, 2013

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